About 4-Leg Fundraising

4-Leg Fundraising is based in Omaha Nebraska where we source all the pet treats with USDA Nebraska Beef. 4-Leg brings two of our passions together when are helping pet rescues financially and providing a nutritious treat all supported within our Fundraising Platform. With our dedicated 4-Leg Fundraising team running the Campaign, rescues will be able to fully concentrate on their ‘front line’ mission while we manage the Pet Treat Campaign and bring it to your supporters. If you are reading this, you are an animal lover like us. You will not find a better treat or one that your pet prefers….after all, it is Nebraska Beef.

Vice President Product DEVELOPMENT | Canine DivisioN
Rocky ‘Rocko’ Kawa

Rocky leads the Product Development division of 4-Leg Fundraiser where he personally takes an interest in every treat produced. If Rocky doesn’t love it, the product will never see the light of day. As a Vizsla, Rocky is very active and is on the run most days. Being a VP at 4-Leg Fundraising demands much of his schedule ultimately sacrificing nap and couch time. His diet requires that his treats and daily intake are of the highest protein content available to maintain his corporate responsibilities. He demands that single source protein items are the base for the best nutritional treats available to his canine customers.

Vice President Product DEVELOPMENT | Feline DivisioN
Max ‘King of the Jungle’ Kawa

Max watches over all production of 4-Leg Fundraising treats from his perch above. At 22 pounds Max is more than qualified to be an expert on all cat treats. As with most cats, Max doesn’t have time for small talk. When he wants something he lets you know. If he is hungry watch out….Max has experimented with many diets and food supplements to keep him in tip top shape. While Max weighs 22 pounds, he is big boned and spends as much time outside as he does in the house. For this schedule, Max needs treats high in protein, easily digestible and delicious. All cat treats carry the Max seal of approval.

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