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Pet Treat Fundraiser

We recognize your supporters have a personal connection with your organization. That's why we place your mission front and center while creating a Fundraiser that is uniquely yours — at NO cost!

Fundraising Made Easy and Profitable For Any Organization

Sports Teams

Club Teams

Faith Based Groups

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4-Leg Fundraising Provides a Platform for Sports Teams, Faith Groups, Animal Rescues and Non-Profits. Our Customized Treat Fundraiser is the perfect way for your group to fulfill its Fundraising Goals.

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How It Works


    Identify Your Fundraising Goals and Begin Building Your Campaign.  This Includes Custom Treats, Order Forms and Sales Site.


    Finalize Branding, Treat Labels and Provide You With Supporting Marketing Materials.


    Introduce the Fundraiser to Youth and Parents via a Launch Meeting, YouTube Video or Written Materials.  Treat Distribution Will be Determined at This Time.


    We Provide You With The Treats, Order Forms and  Campaign Reports. A Digital Sales Page Will Also be Created for On-line Supporters.

    Detailed Reports

    We believe communication is the key to a successful Campaign. That's why we provide you with detailed reporting during the Campaign, keeping you informed. The 4-Leg Fundraising Team will provide you with a Daily Sales Report, Final Sales Report and a Campaign Analysis at the end of the Campaign.

    A Final Sales Report is provided at the conclusion of your Fundraiser with detailed information about your Supporter's orders.

    A detailed Campaign Report of your Sales, Promotional Activity and Supporter Behavior is provided to you at the end of your Fundraiser.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below are a few of our most frequently asked questions.

    • How Much Does it Cost?

      There is NO Cost to the organization at any time during the Campaign. We customize the treats, printed stationery, label development, build the on-line site, securing a dedicated URL and ship the treats out of Omaha. At the end of the Campaign, we split the Revenue as arranged and send out a check representing the Revenue amount.

    • What are the Treats?

      Our Premium Cat and Dog Treats have just one ingredient, Natural Beef Lung, known to be ultra-low in fat and high in protein.  We only use USDA-certified beef raised in our home state of Nebraska.  The quality and nutritional value of our treats make them a perfect fundraising tool.

    • How Much Are the Treats?

      The dog treats typically sell for $14 and the Cat Treats sell for $12. Our Beef Tip Treats are in a bags that measure 6” x 9” and 6” x 7.5” so they are a generous portion. As with most aspects of our Campaigns, we can modify size or price since we are the supplier as well. We also offer the treats at a different rate for bulk type shipping and other retail type of outlets.

    • What is the Revenue Split?

      For each dog treat sold you will receive $5 and for each cat treat sold you will receive $4. This is typically paid at the end of our Campaign with supporting reports. You will receive a daily sales report which reflects this daily and accumulated amount.

    • How does the Fundraiser Work?

      Between our proven formula and our premium pet products, your group will raise more than ever before. The 4-Leg Team will develop a plan and actionable goals to help your members stay motivated. You are provided with everything you need, upfront, to ensure a successful Fundraiser each time.

    • Are There Any Reports?

      4-Leg Fundraising will provide you with actionable reports documenting all sales throughout your Campaign. At the end of the Campaign we will provide you with 3 reports.

      • Final Sales Report – This report will include name, address, email of all those who purchased in excel format. We can generate it differently if you like but this should upload into any database you are utilizing.

      • Campaign Analysis – This report reflects the sales graphically throughout the Campaign. It will show when sales were made and the frequency. Typically, a straight line can be drawn between Posts, Emails, Etc. and sales. It also gives us the percentage of supporters who purchased more than one treat and what times were the most active.

      • Settlement File – This report outlines the revenue due to the rescue, total bags sold and will accompany the check at the end of the Campaign.