Fundraise With Your Supporters In Mind

We recognize your supporters have a personal connection with your organization. That's why we place your mission front and center while creating a Fundraiser that is uniquely yours — at NO cost!

How Does 4-Leg Fundraiser Work?

Determine Your Campaign Start Date

Define Campaign Strategy and Goals

Promote Campaign Through all Channels

Our platform is utilized by Animal Rescues across the United States. Our main sales channel is through the rescue's Social Media Accounts and other communication formats. Sales are fulfilled through the promotion of their custom created Sales Sites.

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Our Partner: Second Chance Rescue (NYC) on Good Morning America, 2022

During National Pet Month (May 2022) our Partners at NYCSCR surprised one lucky pup named Peter Parker with his forever family on Good Morning America, a morning television program with more than 4 Million daily viewers.

We are honored to be working one-on-one with CEO and Founder Jennifer Brooks in creating a Customized Digital Fundraising Campaign helping raise much needed funds to support their amazing animal rescue and shelter.


Our Partner: Skylar's Scholarships Organizes Pet Treat Fundraiser For Ballistic Vest

A friendly competition between a Saginaw Police Department K-9 and a colleague from Minnesota is underway, to see which dog can sell more Pet Treats bearing their names and visages. The goal is to raise funds so a furry law enforcer can get an costly life-saving vest.

“Whoever sells the most by Sunday (Nov. 14) will get a year’s supply of these dog treats,” said Saginaw Police Officer Rob Adams, Deebo’s handler. “All the funds raised go to this Skylar Scholarships, which will use the funds raised for a life-saving dog bulletproof vests.”


How It Works


We Work With You to Identify Your Fundraising Goals and Begin Building Your Customized Campaign.


We Launch Your Fundraiser and Provide You With a Dedicated URL, Sales Website, Checkout and Social Media Posts.


Over the Course of the Campaign We Support Your Fundraiser With Engaging Digital Marketing Strategies.  Orders Are Fulfilled by Us — Next Day Shipping.


Once Your Campaign is Complete, We Provide In-Depth Reporting on the Sales,  Activity of Your Fundraiser and Funds Due.

    Turn-KEY Solution

    Turn-Key Custom Digital Fundraiser

    Our team develops a dedicated storefront that is the core of your Fundraiser. With this page, supporters are able to learn about your Fundraiser, your premium treats and make a purchase that directly supports your organization.

    • A customized and easy-to-use sales page makes it simple for supporters to learn about your Campaign.

    • Leading e-commerce technology provides a safe and secure pathway for supporters to make a purchase.

    • The look and feel of your Fundraiser is customized to match your organization's mission and current Fundraising goals.

      Dynamic Promotions

      We assist you with the promotion of your Campaign to help make your Fundraiser a success. From highly targeted social-media strategies to email Campaigns that convert, our team helps Organizations like yours leverage the power of their on-line footprint.

      • We design a promotional strategy that coincide with your brand in ways that resonate with your supporters.

      • We help you to utilize your social-media strategy in an  efficient way maximizing your Campaign's Performance.

      • We create Email Campaigns that work. Turn your current email list into donations that support your mission.

      Detailed Reports

      We believe communication is the key to a successful Campaign. That's why we provide you with detailed reporting during the Campaign, keeping you informed. The 4-Leg Fundraising Team will provide you with a Daily Sales Report, Final Sales Report and a Campaign Analysis at the end of the Campaign.

      You can easily track your Fundraiser's performance via our Daily Sales Report. Sales and order information is provided daily.

      A Final Sales Report is provided at the conclusion of your Fundraiser with detailed information about your Supporter's orders.

      A detailed Campaign Report of your Sales, Promotional Activity and Supporter Behavior is provided to you at the end of your Fundraiser.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Below are a few of our most frequently asked questions.

      • How Much Does it Cost?

        There is NO Cost to the organization at any time during the Campaign. We customize the treats, printed stationery, label development, build the on-line site, securing a dedicated URL and ship the treats out of Omaha. At the end of the Campaign, we split the Revenue as arranged and send out a check representing the Revenue amount.

      • What are the Treats?

        Our Premium Cat and Dog Treats have just one ingredient, Natural Beef Lung, known to be ultra-low in fat and high in protein.  We only use USDA-certified beef raised in our home state of Nebraska.  The quality and nutritional value of our treats make them a perfect fundraising tool.

      • How Much Are the Treats?

        The dog treats typically sell for $14.99 and the Cat Treats sell for $12.99. Our Beef Tip Treats are in a bags that measure 6” x 9” and 6” x 7.5” so they are a generous portion. As with most aspects of our Campaigns, we can modify size or price since we are the supplier as well. We also offer the treats at a different rate for bulk type shipping and other retail type of outlets.

      • What is the Revenue Split?

        For each dog treat sold you will receive $5 and for each cat treat sold you will receive $4. This is typically paid at the end of our Campaign with supporting reports. You will receive a daily sales report which reflects this daily and accumulated amount.

      • Who Ships the Orders?

        Throughout your fundraise, each order will be processed and shipped the next day by our 4-Lef Fundraising team.  We ship anywhere in the country, and most supporters receive their treats within 2-3 business days.  Our fast and efficient shipping process is a delight to your supporters and their 4-leg friends alike.

      • How Do Supporters Make a Purchase?

        The 4-Leg Fundraising team will develop your very own on-line storefront that is easily shared through digital channels such as social media and email campaigns.  From there, anyone can learn about your fundraiser and make a supporting purchase directly from their phone or computer.

      • Can You Support The Promotion of Our Campaign?

        Promoting your Campaign is an important part of making it successful, but it might be hard to know where to start.  Our 4-Leg Fundraising team is ready to assist you in every way possible to help make your Fundraiser a success. Usually, this begins with a custom social media strategy as we work with you to explore all other possibilities for your organization.

      • Are There Any Reports?

        4-Leg Fundraising will send you a daily report documenting all sales within the last 24 hours. It will also have an accumulated running total. At the end of the Campaign, we will provide you with 3 different reports.

        • Final Sales Report – This report will include name, address, email of all those who purchased in excel format. We can generate it differently if you like but this should upload into any database you are utilizing.

        • Campaign Analysis – This report reflects the sales graphically throughout the Campaign. It will show when sales were made and the frequency. Typically, a straight line can be drawn between Posts, Emails, Etc. and sales. It also gives us the percentage of supporters who purchased more than one treat and what times were the most active.

        • Settlement File – This report outlines the revenue due to the rescue, total bags sold and will accompany the check at the end of the Campaign.